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We believe that children with the support of motivating adults can independently acquire new knowledge and skills. Our task as adults, to show them the endless possibilities of the digital age and admire their success.

"Free Education" Foundation was founded in 2016 on the basis of the non-governmental organization with the same name. The main aim of the Fund - dissemination of innovative approaches to learning and creating the necessary educational infrastructure.

Our team investigates the Odessa region and looking for talented teachers which can create oases of effective and humanistic teaching in their schools. And we are finding them! We help them to change education from the "bottom" at the places, without waiting for large-scale reforms "from above."

Our main principle: "Think global, act local". In a world where information is distributed in seconds, it is necessary to look for different methods that were successfully implemented in other countries and to adapt them for the Ukrainian realities. We believe that the Ukrainian education is ready to make the leap and show the world our greatest treasure - talented children and teachers!


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